Writing the Mind Alive

Writing the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice, is an essential tool for establishing, sustaining and deepening a Proprioceptive Writing (PW) practice.

What People Have Said About the Book:

“This book speaks with wisdom and lucidity. Anyone can profit from WRITING THE MIND ALIVE, a book elegant in its simplicity, persuasive in its intelligence, reassuring in its experience.”

         — Vivian Gornick, author of Fierce Attachments and
         The Situation and the Story

“WRITING THE MIND ALIVE is the first writing book of the new millennium, and—in the tradition of Peter Elbow, Natalie Goldberg and Anne Lamont—the next classic in the field. Metcalf and Simon’s emphasis on hearing is a radically new contribution. Writers and educators, spiritual sojourners and psychotherapists—all will be inspired!”

         — Kaitlin A. Briggs, Ed.D., Associate Director,
         Honors Writing and Thesis Research, University of
         Southern Maine

“This book offers a unique writing approach that breaks right through writer’s block, opens up inner treasures you didn’t dream possible, and allows you to know yourself in an intimate exciting way. It is beautifully executed, deeply inspiring, and psychologically on the mark.”

         — Jill Morris, PhD., author of The Dream Workbook

“In this exceptionally clear, cogent, and compelling book, Metcalf and Simon have made the remarkable practice of Proprioceptive Writing fully accessible to a wide public. While they make use of many of the techniques of psychotherapy, they have made a revolutionary advance by means of the Write, which provides a whole new dimension to the kind of reflection that goes on in talk therapy. Since reading the book, I have started doing the practice and have noted a definite jump in my reflective capacity and my general state of well-being.”

         — Howard Kamler, Ph.D., Psy.D., professor,
         writer, research psychoanalyst, author of
         Identification and Character

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