The Proprioceptive Writing
Facilitator Program

The Proprioceptive Writing® Facilitator Program is for anyone interested in conducting introductory PW sessions — privately, to small groups, and/or to organizations.

The program provides how-to training in arranging the sessions, sustaining awareness, modeling PW, clarifying the do’s and don’ts of the practice, guiding PW writing sessions, responding to questions with information that stimulates thinking and encourages practice. 

Prospective facilitators learn to useWriting the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding your Authentic Voice as touchstone and resource for teaching the basics of the practice.

Program Prerequisites

It is essential to engage with Proprioceptive Writing for oneself before teaching the method to others. Before entering the facilitator training program, students are encouraged to spend as much time as they can practicing and learning about PW for themselves. The more experience students have with the practice, the more they will be able to glean from the facilitator training program, and the more they will be able to enjoy it.

Before applying to the facilitator program, candidates:

• Engage in 100 hours of teaching sessions with PW Center faculty (either in-person or by conference-call) including one 5-day immersion (30 prerequisite hours) with PW’s founder, Linda Trichter Metcalf within one year of beginning the program.

• Participate in the series 12 Weeks of Personal Practice, a conference-call series (24 prerequisite hours). During this series, participants have 4-6 Writes each week for 12 weeks. They post all of their Writes to a class board and meet once each week by phone with a PW teacher to consider Writes.

• Sustain at least one year of a regular PW practice of their own (4-6 Writes per week).

The PW Facilitator Course of Study

The PW Facilitator Orientation & Immersion

An orientation for facilitator program participants followed by a 5-day immersion where program participants practice together.

Summer, 2021 – exact dates and location TBA

Delving Into Writing the Mind Alive

This twelve-week series of conference calls focuses on a study of Writing the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding your Authentic Voice, the basic PW text co-authored by Drs. Linda Trichter Metcalf and Toby Simon. PWC faculty emphasize key concepts in the text and suggest passages to explore in guided Writes. Unlike regular Writes, guided Writes require that your attention be guided by chosen subject matter. Prospective facilitators post three to five guided Writes weekly, choosing one to consider during weekly conference-calls. Participants gain personal familiarity with the text and learn to use it as a resource for teaching the basics of PW.

Fall 2021 – exact dates TBA

Studying the Writes in Writing the Mind Alive

This twelve-week series of conference-calls focuses on a study of the Writes discussed in Writing the Mind Alive. Through this study, prospective facilitators deepen their own understanding of the Proprioceptive Method and learn to use these Writes as a resource when speaking about the practice. Prospective facilitators post three to five guided Writes weekly, choosing one to consider during weekly conference-calls.

Winter – Spring, 2022 – exact dates TBA

The PW Facilitator Final Immersion

During this 5-day immersion, prospective facilitators take turns leading PW sessions while receiving support and feedback from their faculty advisors. They get hands-on experience creating and maintaining the conditions for PW sessions as well as teaching the basics and using Writes to illustrate aspects of Proprioceptive Writing.

Spring, 2022 – exact dates and location TBA

The PW Facilitator Apprenticeship

Facilitating Three Six-Week Series of PW Group Sessions

With the support and guidance of PWC faculty, apprentice facilitators conduct three or more six-week series of weekly PW sessions.

Each apprentice facilitator gathers a group of three to eight students in order to practice teaching the basics and holding the space for PW without commenting on individual student Writes. They collect Writes volunteered by their students to discuss with PWC faculty in weekly one-on-one conference-calls. This discussion becomes the basis for the apprentice facilitator’s opening remarks at each new session.