The Proprioceptive Writing
Instructor Course

Those who wish to teach PW begin here. This course trains participants to:

• teach the basics of the practice to individuals, small groups, and organizations while creating and maintaining conditions essential to PW practice

• use Writing the Mind Alive as a text clarifying ideas integral to the proprioceptive method

Before Beginning the PW Instructor Course

The more you sink into the practice of PW and experience its effects personally, the more meaningful this program of studies will be. For this reason, applicants are asked to have personal experience with PW including:

• A 5-day immersion with PWCenter faculty

Exploring the Basics of PW (2 six-week series)

Reaping the Fruits of Daily Practice (12 weeks) During this series, those who intend to take the PW Instructor Course have a minimum of 4 Writes for 12 consecutive weeks. They post all of their Writes to a class board and meet once each week by phone with a PW teacher to consider Writes.

The PW Instructor Course of Study

The Course consists of two 24-week units:

Unit I. Teaching Writing the Mind Alive

Prospective instructors engage in an in-depth study of Writing the Mind Alive, prepare and deliver eleven teaching scripts based on their study of the text, practice a weekly exercise to elicit awareness of their own learning process, and train in a method for focusing energy when teaching.

Unit II. Practicum

The practicum begins with the 6-week series, Tracking the PQ: A First Step in Hearing Writes Proprioceptively. Following this series, instructors-in-training work one-on-one with PWCenter faculty as they organize and conduct three 6-week series of PW sessions.

After successful completion of the course, candidates are certified as PWCenter Instructors qualified to teach PW basics and conduct sessions using Writing the Mind Alive as their authority.

Begins 2024 – exact dates TBA