We’ve received countless letters over the years from individuals who have taken our workshops — we often think they describe the benefits better than we can! Below, we share some of their observations and responses.

From a businessman:

“The Practice has been the single most important thing in my life. I can make decisions, resolve personal problems, sometimes help others, and even address issues of design which prior to the Practice would have been tedious, mechanical exercises…I have also doubled my earning capacities.”

From a businesswoman:

“Proprioceptive Writing has been a wonderful and very powerful gift and tool in my life. It combines two of the things that are most meaningful in my life—namely writing itself and the exploration of my own truth, to which I have dedicated myself for many years. It is an incredible tool for walking your path with honesty and courage.”

From a banker:

“I want to thank you and PW for the confidence you have given me…. I am calmer and delight more in the present. I think I am becoming the kind of person I always imagined I could be.”

From a media entrepreneur:

“PW encourages integrative and analytical thinking and rekindles the joy that in inherent in using your mind well.”

From a playwright:

“PW has given me a tool for my writing which removes writing blocks and opens unlimited vistas of material that I can call upon.”

From an artist:

“As my writing piles up, I become more and more sure that PW is: transformative, deepening, healing. This writing feeds me. Helps me grow myself. That it is a gift, a tool that I can take with me, that you are passing it on, just thrills me.”