A 4-day Immersion in Proprioceptive Writing®
Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
Novemeber 29—December 3, 2023

What is it like to really hear your inner thoughts while writing them? Unlike ordinary hearing, it’s like entering a world where you know yourself differently than you did before. Following the three simple rules of Proprioceptive Writing (“proprioceptive,” from the Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own”) opens a gate to this blissful zone. Practiced regularly in 25 minute sessions, this writing method unburdens your mind, liberates your creative energies, and connects you to your spiritual self. The more you immerse yourself in this practice, the further you travel from limiting self-judgments, and the greater your confidence to trust yourself.

Through Proprioceptive Writing (PW), you learn to:

  • Hear inner thought as voice
  • Translate thought into language
  • Exercise your mind’s capacity to sense itself.

A simple technique anyone can practice, Proprioceptive Writing is a potent meditational tool that can be used for therapeutic and creative purposes. If you feel cut off from self-expression, you can reconnect to your authentic voice through this radically new approach to process writing.

Linda Trichter Metcalf, originator of PW and co-author with Tobin Simon of Writing the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice, has pioneered writing as a way to heighten consciousness through inner hearing. In this immersion, Linda guides you towards hearing yourself in new, often liberating ways. Linda teaches with Anne Bright. A member of the PWC faculty, Anne has taught PW for over 25 years. Read more about PW Immersions Here

Just 30 minutes from San Francisco in San Rafael, CA, Santa Sabina provides delicious, healthy food and comfortable lodging in a meditative setting perfect for slowing down and getting in sync with yourself. The retreat center is open to registrants from 3 PM on the first day of the retreat until 2 PM on Sunday. Our first session begins after dinner on the first day. Find more about the retreat center: Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina’s COVID Policy:
Attendees are required to show proof of full vaccination and at least one booster shot.

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