Upon completion of the Foundational Program, those interested in teaching PW continue to develop their PW teaching technique through an apprenticeship with PW’s founder, Linda Trichter Metcalf and PW teaching faculty.

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to help new teachers refine their understanding of what it means to teach proprioceptively and to provide them with support and mentoring as they gain their footing in every aspect of the PW teaching situation.

Apprentice Teaching

Apprentices arrange to teach Exploring the Basics of Proprioceptive Writing to one or more students. You may offer this course as a six-week series of private or semi-private one-hour weekly phone conferences or you may gather a small group to teach in person.

In close consultation with Linda, you will explore your students’ Writes and set teaching intentions for each session with your students. In the conference call format, students email you their Writes prior to meeting with you. In the live format where students produce Writes on the spot, you ask for a copy of the Writes for further study before your next meeting.

In addition to apprenticing to Linda, a senior PW faculty member is available to mentor apprentice teachers in such areas as:

  • Gathering a group of students
  • Managing the teaching space
  • Reviewing and reflecting on the teaching experience.

During this phase of the program, apprentices begin by arranging to teach at least 4 separate series of Exploring the Basics of PW