“PW allows you to recognize your thinking. Once fully
recognized, consciousness alters on its own.”

-Linda Trichter Metcalf                


The PW Center offers read-arounds, small groups of practitioners that meet in conference-call formats to simply read and listen to Writes. There is a facilitator on the call to hold the space. This is a good opportunity to support your PW practice. If you are interested in joining a read-around, contact Carrie at


The slower movements of Baroque music are recommended for Proprioceteive Writing. You can find out more about “Why Baroque MUsic?” in Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice. The compilations most often used at PW retreats are a series produced by the Lind Institute called “Relax With The Classics.” The 4 volumes: Largo, Pastorale, Adagio, and Andante are all sequenced to promote active relaxation or what in PW we call an apreene state.

You can purchase these CDs at

These CDs can sometimes be found used on eBay or Amazon as well, or you can look for music by the composers of the pieces from those four volumes. They include Albinoni, Bach, Caudioso, Corelli, Delalande, Durante, Galuppi, Giuliani, Gluck, Handel, Manfredini, Molter, Pachelbel, Paisiello, Pergolesi, Porpora, Scarlatti, Tartini, Vivaldi, and Zipoli.

Other options:  Look for titles like “Music for Activating Memory”; “Music to Increase Concentration”; “Music for Accelerated Learning” which are on and other music stations, or available for purchase from the above websites.

Here are some additional sources for Baroque Music which give you the opportunity to hear the pieces. On Pandora and iTunes you may purchase them, and make your own 25 minute playlists.


Writing the Mind Alive

Variety Pack

Retreat Centers